Entry #1


2017-07-23 18:51:30 by Xtrlua

So... how do i get scouted?



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2017-07-23 18:54:34

You need 4 songs first...

And you also need to make sure you don't have any samples from mainstream songs/songs you don't have the rights to...

And I haven't checked your music yet but you seem to be a copy of the user "Xtrullor"

(Updated ) Xtrlua responds:

not really. i misspelled my username. there is not supposed to be a "t" and i originaly was going to be called "Hypernova", but that name was taken. my intent is not to be a copy of Xtrullor. so...........................


2017-07-23 19:06:07

It's against the rules to ask anyone to scout you. Someone has to find your work, say "yeah, I think it's good", and scout you to be on the audio portal. It's a long and involved process, but there is a good reason behind it.

Xtrlua responds:

Ok. I just didn't know that.


2017-07-23 19:46:02

No one is expecting you to know it. It's just some friendly advice because I'd hate to see a new user punished.

Xtrlua responds:

Ok. Thanks for telling me!


2017-07-23 20:57:56

Soo... i have a link and you can see the rules.

Xtrlua responds:

Ok. I'll check that out so i don't get into trouble or anything.