Song Ratings

2017-08-02 19:21:44 by Xtrlua

Song Ratings Starting From Shattered Ice (what i would rate it)

Shattered Ice: 2.6 Stars (It sucks)

Acidic: 5 Stars (it's really nice)

Acidic V2: 4.2 Stars (Good, but not as good as the original)

Nuclear: 5 Stars (amazing song with amazing wubs)

Geometry Dash

2017-07-25 14:35:55 by Xtrlua

Why can't I use any of my songs in Geometry Dash? I have been scouted, so I thought that it would work. But it isn't Working. Any Ideas?

Get Ready!

2017-07-24 16:08:52 by Xtrlua

I've got a new song ready! I just need to be able to upload it because it says that I've reached my upload limit for this quota.


What does this mean?

2017-07-24 12:28:27 by Xtrlua

Ok, so I tried to upload a new song (i have a few ready, but not all are going to be uploaded) and it said: You have reached your quota for this time period. How long is this time period?


2017-07-23 22:05:28 by Xtrlua

alright. I figured it out, and I'm not going to ask anyone to scout me. Thanks for the help people!


2017-07-23 18:51:30 by Xtrlua

So... how do i get scouted?